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Q:  Is this a real SCUBA Course?   
A:  Yes! This is a legitimate specialty dive course.  Upon
completion of the course you will receive a real certification

Where can I take this class?
A:  Right now we schedule our classes out of New England
Ski and SCUBA in Vernon, CT.  They can be contacted
Q:  Do you offer other classes?
A:  Yes we offer a full line of PADI classes from beginner, all
the way to Assistant Instructor.  Visit our parent company's
website the
Sharkiteuthis Diving Co.

Q:  Does this certification count towards my MASTER SCUBA
DIVER rating?
A:  Yes it does.

What age is the content appropriate for?
A:  The course has been approved for those ten and up. The
course contains no blood, gore, or violence (just a little
zombie makeup and slime.)

Is there a special children's course?
A:  Yes! There is an pool only course that is considered a
special Aqua-Mission for the PADI Seal Team Program.  
Students get a similiar experience minus a C-Card.

Do you teach anywhere else?
A:  Yes we do!  We currently provide instruction at Kids Sea
Camp.  We also arrange traveling workshops that come to
your dive shop.

Who designed your logo?
A:  That's something isn't it.  We call the character "Romero."
It was created by Stanley Bucasas.  If you want a custom
quality logo for yourself, you can visit his website

Q: Who took your photographs?
A:  I assume you mean the zombie shots.  They were taken
by photographer extraordinaire Mike Romano at a lake here
in Connecticut.
Email Mike here.

Q:  What is the cost and what is included?
A:  Well the cost is set by the shop that the class is taught
from.  As far as what is included, you will get: The class, a
certification card, certificate of completion, special logbook
stamp, and a zombie apocalypse diver bracelet.  T-shirts are
available for purchase at the dive site or by visiting our
"STUFF" page.

So there's a textbook?
A:  Yup, we created a twenty-eight page textbook with all
sorts of great information.

What happens on the dives?
A:  That's a secret.  If everyone knew then this course
wouldn't be so special!

I'm a SCUBA instructor, can I teach this course?
A:  Yes you can.  We have begun very limited licensing to
other instructors only.  Email us for more information.

Are you the coolest guy ever?
A:  So kind of you to ask...yes I am, in fact, the coolest. Guy.
The most sought after logbook
stamp anywhere.