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For New England classes contact the folks at New
England Ski and SCUBA.  Once a haven for
Revolutionaries and Patriots, now it's a home for the
undead.  New England Ski and Scuba has the know
how and the tools to help anyone survive the
Click the image to contact NESS
Margo and the Kids Sea Camp team are helping to
prepare the families of the world for a zombie
apocalypse.  They are in dire straits and in need of
hardworking and adventurous families.  "Give them a
week they'll remember forever(and some happy
memories to have in the ruins of the old world)
Click the link to contact Kids Sea Camp
For all other inquiries including
traveling courses and licensing
opportunities contact our parent
company the Sharkiteuthis Diving Co.
Click the link to contact us.
Living in the middle of the Pacific?
Think you're safe in Micronesia?
Seleen Divers in Guam is now
preparing the island for the
inevitable apocalypse.
Click on the the image to contact
Seleen Divers.
Not just horse races and fried chicken
forefront of the Zombie Apocalypse
preparation.  Join CCD in your prep plans.  
Click the link to contact Central Coast Dive
The rugged deserts of the Southwest have lots
of things that inhibit safe diving, vast areas of
sand being the most predominant, but the area
is also  known for snakes, cacti, and cowboys.  
Even worse...cowboy zombies.  No Limits Scuba
in Chandler AZ have the solutions to all your
southwest diving problems.  Contact them
You know that feeling of
hopelessness that overcomes you
when you are about to be eaten by
a swarm of zombies?  Well the folks
at Waikiki Dive Center don't.  They
say "Aloha!" to that hoard and
continue their dives safely and
soundly.  Join them in Hawaii and
Once a glorious refuge of
coffehouses and giant cephalopods,
Seattle and the Pacific Northwest
are now a battleground area where
humans must maintain the upper
hand.   Beware of "zombees" in this
rainy area as well.  Contact Adria
and her fellow zombie fighters to
learn more.
When the zombie outbreak
happens, who will the world turn
to?  The United States Marine Corps!
When Marines need zombie trianing
who will they go to?  The folks at
Tsunami Scuba at MCCS Okinawa.  
Reach out to Gregg for more details.
Altitude with attitude.  High
elevations will not protect anyone
from swarms of undead skiers.  
Gerry at Alpine SCUBA is Colorado's
premiere zombie apocalypse
instructor.  Contact him at Alpine
Scuba for information!
Think you're safe in the Great White
North eh?  Well put down the
poutine and grab some tanks.  I'm
talking aboot zombies invading
Canadian waters.  Contact Dave at
Kanata Diving Supply.  Watch out
for those Canadian zombies while
you're at it, eh?  They have this gene
that makes them happy all the time
for no reason.
Little known fact about Calgary:  It
has the longest indoor tunnel system
in North America.  Trap the zombies
in there, then flood the tunnel.  Now
you have the perfect training
ground for Zombie Apocalypse
Diving.  So much so that The Dive
Shop staff are working tirelessly to
connect their spectacular indoor
pool to this tunnel network.
In New Zealand there is a bird
called the kiwi.  The kiwi is a small
flightless bird that is immune to all
forms of zombie infection.  It is also
a colloquial term for the native
people.  Join Sly at and bring the
fight to them.  Lace up your boots
and stock up on the vegemite.  It's
going to be a wild ride.
Denmark: Zombies Hate Pastry.  The
new slogan for the Danish Ministry
of Tourism since the Apocalypse.  To
bring people to the lush Denmark
Coastline, the nice people at have started
offering this nice course to tourists
and locals.  Contact Magnus for
Do you know what the capital of
Pennsylvania is?  It's Harrisburg!  Or
at least it used to be.  In the
remnants of this old city you will
find West Shore Scuba.  These brave
souls have ventured out to take on
the brave task of defending the
masses from waterborne infection.  
Call them today!
There is a place where people walk
around pretending to be zombies
and getting paid for it:   Hollywood!
The staff at Extreme Scuba Diver are
familiar with these "actors."  
Through great training and makeup
experience you're guaranteed to
have an apocalyptic adventure with
the rich and famous.
Wilmington, North Carolina is home to the
USS North Carolina and the Patriot Dive
Center.  Both places are equally perfect to
help you survive the zombie onslaught.  
One will help you train for it and the other
will provide you shelter.  The only
difference between the two is an amazing
staff of dedicated dive warriors.
Once considered the Hollywood of
the north, Vancouver Canada is now
a haven for orcas, smoked salmon,
and viciously cold water.  To learn
how to utilize all of the above to
ensure your survival, visit Nanaimo
Dive Outfitters for all your Zombie
Apocalypse and general diving
Because everything is supposedly
bigger in Texas, International
SCUBA is now offering a Zombie
Apocalypse Diver Certification
course with two percent more
zombies than anyone else!  How can
they do it?  Don't ask, it's Texas!
SoCal:  Sun, sand, fish tacos, zombies.
Of those four things, which one will
eat your brain?  (Fish tacos if they're
undercooked.)  But of course the
true answer is zombies.  Immerse
yourself in great training by PADI
Course Director Graham Hufford
and learn the skills you'll need to
Not only will Waterdogs SCUBA and
Safety provide you with quality
zombie diver training, they'll also
teach you valuable first aid and
safety skills.  Truly the one dive
shop that can help save your life!  
Also, they know good spots for BBQ.
Known for acres and acres of
beautiful recreation areas, Caddo
Valley, Arkansas is home to one of
the clearest and most utilized lakes
in the South.  Unfortunately when
large amounts of people gather in
one area it brings with it the threat
of zombies.  Caddo Valley Landing
provides not only fantastic training,
but is an outfitter for all your
outdoor needs!
Nestled just outside the tiny city of
Washington D.C. lies a couple of outposts
called Nautilus Aquatics.  Members of all
branches of government use these dive
shops as a staging area for Zombie
Apocalypse Diving.  Rumor is the Secret
Service has a special tunnel to the tank
fill room.  If you want to see it...just ask
(The staff will deny it though.)  Now with
two locations in Sterling and Chantilly to
help you fight the Washington walkers!  
Zombie classes are ongoing all summer!
While drilling in the oil rich fields of Central
Texas, The brave staff of Midland Dive
Association encountered something much worse.
As the zombie horde approach them they filled
the nearest horse trough with water and dove
in.  Owned by real American heroes stop on by
and let them share their stories in their training
to help you survive the apocalypse.
As one of the worlds fastest growing cities
Dubai is filled with opportunities for both
the living and the dead. You think that hot
scorching sun will save you? What about
those warm blue cerulean waters?  Think
again!  No one is safe during an
apocalypse.  Let Hassan be your guide as
he takes you through the step-by-step
process of surviving the zombie apocalypse
in the unforgivable environment of Dubai.
Click any image below to contact your local
Not just for famous chefs anymore!  Head
over to Kosterhavet to see the underwater
world from the eyes of the undead.  After
an afternoon fika (google it) you can train
with the best divers in Sweden!
There's a tiny state you don't want to mess
with.  In that state lies the great city of San
Antonio.  Where Cowboys meet the undead
head on.  The toughest Cowboys use the SA
SCUBA Shack for the best training round
them parts.
Like salt?  Have we got a lake for you!   All
the corrosive salts that zombies hate can be
found in one Utah lake.  Robert at North
American Divers can help!
They do everything bigger in Texas.
Zombie diving is no joke down
there. The Houston metropolitan
area alone boasts tens of thousands
potential victims or divers. To decide
which one you'll be contact Sandi by
clicking the link to the left.
The province of New Brunswick,
Canada is home to a stalwart
population of hearty divers dead
set on training safe, skilled divers
dead set on thwarting the inevitable
Diving under the St. Louis arch can
be dangerous.  The river runs deep
and fast.  Diving there is reserved
for the dauntless.  Adding zombies
to the mix makes everything even
harder.  Y-Kiki divers takes all the
guesswork out of all of it.
Just outside San Francisco is a tiny
town called Pleasanton, where life
has always been rather pleasant.  
Until the undead ambled in.  They
quickly took over everything and
when they left the area all that
remained was chaos.  Fortunately,
Gene and his friends at Dive N Trips
have sorted out all the details to
make you able to dive long after
the end of days.
We’ve finally crossed the pond!  
Pass the fish and chips one last time
before the apocalypse!  Stay out of
the tubes and grab your torches, it’s
going to be a bumpy ride!  Bolton
Area Divers offers the best dive
training in all the kingdom.  Click on
their link to the left!
Many people erroneously think that
the best place to be during an
apocalypse is as far away from the
swamp as possible. Bayou divers
have a different view on this. With
unlimited gator and crawfish to
munch on you can last for years
maybe decades and a swampy
area. Give them a call and they'll
even teach you how to dive there.
Just outside the tiny town of
Philadelphia is Glen Mills,
Pennsylvania.  Many SCUBA
instructors get their start here.  
Zombies like the cheesesteaks and
come for those.
East Texas is known for two things:  
Real Americans and zombies.  Funny
thing about the real Americans, they
get their scuba training through
Buoyant Life Scuba.  Funny thing
about zombies:  They hate that.  For
the very best and scuba and zombie
apocalypse driving training give Ol'
Bryan a call.
They say lightning strike twice in the
same place. But did you know that
the book War of The Worlds took
place in Surrey, England.  These
days we don't have orders like
Orson Welles to warn us of the
impending doom associated with
the zombie outbreak. What we do
have on our side are great SCUBA
Instructor's like calling. Click on the
link to the left to contact him.
Something wicked lurks beneath the
red clay of South Carolina.  When it
is unearthed, you’ll need all the help
you can get.  To conquer a zombie
apocalypse you must be prepared
for all aspects of diving.  To get that
kind of preparation you need to
attend one of Xplore SCUBA’s
comprehensive.  Randy and his team
of SCUBA warriors can provide you
the quality training and equipment
you need to survive anything.
Can you Adam and Eve it?  Load up
everything you need in your
skyrocket and head down the frog
and toad to Dive Mania SCUBA.  The
maniacs will show you a thing or
two about zombie apocalypse
diving and then you’ll be tip top.  
Pick up the dog and bone and give
them a ring.  The Dive Mania SCUBA
shop is one of the premiere UK
shops to handle all your SCUBA
needs, before and after the
Germany is known for their
precision.  Even there zombies are
precise...precisely obsessed with
eating your brains!  There is a
SCUBA school called Diveworks
providing top of the line Zombie
Diving Instruction!  Give them a call
What would you do if a zombie
apocalypse happened on the little
island of Okinawa? Let Kim at
OKIDIVEZONE show you how to
protect and evade contamination
from the outbreak and you being
turned into a zombie!
We're not in Kansas anymore.  No
seriously, there is a Kansas City,
Missouri too.  Inside that hallowed
city, lies the Playground...The
Playground Dive Shop.  Not just
jungle gyms, but real world SCUBA
instruction by real world instructors
ready to make you a SCUBA
Dive With Frank...more like Dive to
save your life!  Maryland has so
much more than crabcakes!  It is
littered with the undead.  Frank's
unique approach to zombie defense
is world renowned.  Use his vast
knowledge to make yourself safe!
Looking for your zombie survival
classes near Tokyo? DiveZone
Tokyo is there to get your scuba on!
Join us as we head to our zombie
survival shelter on the Izu Peninsula.
Rumor has it, we have an escape
boat capable of reaching zombie
free Okinawa! Contact us at for more