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To keep the zombies away we have designed these
bracelets to emit an odor, undetectable by the living,
which offends reanimated beings.  Anyone wearing
one of these can be assured safe passage through
the zombie hordes.

$3.00 Shipping included to US only
Made of bite resistant t-shirt fabric, this shirt will
protect your chest and upper arms from any bite
trauma you could sustain during an encounter with
the infected.
Light Green Shirt with Applique Logo
Small to XXXL Available
Please indicate size in the message box when
you place your order.
As of 7/23/14 we have limited sizes in stock.  Check
with us before you order.

$25.00  Shipping included to US only
All products are tested on animals.  They don't
We apologize but the textbooks are only for
sale as part of the course at this time.
Manufactured using the latest technology, the brim of
this hat has a special substance injected which when
thrown away, will attract and distract any horde.  
Ditching this hat in an emergency might give you the
precious few seconds you need to escape.
The hat is sage green with a distressed look and an
applique logo.

Shipping Included to US only.