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Welcome to the official home of the original PADI
Zombie Apocalypse Diver certification course.  This is
the only dive course designed from the bottom up with
one thing in mind:  To save your life!

Using state-of-the-art dive training and the latest
intelligence on zombies, we have designed a course
that is both fun and challenging.  The goal from the
beginning has been to create  something new and
exciting in the world of SCUBA training.
Classes are currently offered in:
- Kids Sea Camp, Bonaire
- Kids Sea Camp, Utila
- Guam
- Edgewood, Kentucky
- Phoenix, Arizona
- Ft. Collins, Colorado
- Seattle, Washington
- Okinawa, Japan
- Waikiki, Hawaii
- San Diego, California
- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
- Calgary, Alberta, Canada
- New Zealand
- Denmark
- Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
- Midland, Texas
- Los Angeles, California
- Carrollton, Texas
- Clarksville, Tennessee
- Caddo Valley, Arkansas
- Sterling, Virginia
- Chantilly, Virginia
- Dubai, U.A.E.
- Lysekil, Sweden
- San Antonio, Texas
- Orem, Utah
- Glen Rose, Texas
- Fort Mill, South Carolina
- New Brunswick, Canada
- St Louis, Missouri
- Bolton, United Kingdom
- West Monroe, Louisiana
- Pleasanton, California
- Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
- Surrey, United Kingdom
- Longview, Texas
- Grays, Essex, United Kingdom

- Columbia, Maryland
- Blue Springs, Missouri
- Mönchengladbach, Germany

- Vernon, Connecticut